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All Things Are Possible lyrics and chords Artist Darlene Zschech

By jobon | July 9, 2011

Song title: All Things Are Possible
Artist: Darlene Zschech
Album: All Things Are Possible
Song lyrics and chords

Intro- C

C2           Am7           C2           Am7            F2
Almighty God my Redeemer, my hiding place my safe refuge
G          Am   G
No other name like Je –  sus
F2                     G
No power can stand against you.
C2               Am7            C2              Am7       F2
My feet are planted on this Rock and I will not be shaken
G            Am   G    F2
My hope it comes from You   alone
G        A    A/C#
My Lord and my salvation.


D2                 Bm7           D2
Your praise is always on my lips
Bm7         G
Your Word is living in my heart
A                D/A  A
And I will praise you with a new song
G                A           D/A  A
My soul will bless you. Lord
D2               Bm7               D2
You fill my life with greater joy
Bm7           G
Yes I delight myself in You
A                D/A   A
And I will praise You with a new  song
G                A           D/A   A
My soul will bless you, Lord


Bm7      A        G
When I am weak You make me strong
D/F#      G     Bm7      A
When I’m poor I know I’m rich
Bm7   A       G
For in the power of Your name

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