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YOU LISTEN OUT Lyrics and Chords artist Andy Flannagan

By zivzeki | September 9, 2013

Artist: Andy Flannagan
Song Lyrics and Chords

You’ve closed your ears to the sound of our songs
We’ve missed your tears for the voiceless ones
Your patient eyes have turned aside from us.
You hate these times of pomp and praise,
If they become just a hiding place
From all the pain that screams out for your love.


A C#m B E A C#m B E
But you listen out for the sound
A C#m B E A C#m B E
Of justice flowing down
A C#m G#m A A C#m G#m A
Let it echo all around
A C#m B A C#m B
May it be a sweet, sweet sound…
Your anger burns and your temper frays
When all these words are betrayed by our ways
Your knowing ears have heard more than enough.
You sit ignored, alone and in pain
By those who proudly speak for your name
“Depart from me” is all you might say to us.
G A Bm Bm
Lord we speak up for those whose voices will get lost
G A Bm
We speak up for those left carrying our cross

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2 Responses to “YOU LISTEN OUT Lyrics and Chords artist Andy Flannagan”

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  2. zivzeki Says:
    December 3rd, 2013 at 11:36 am

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