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Listen To Our Hearts lyrics and chords Artist Geoff Moore

By jobon | June 23, 2011

Song title: Listen To Our Hearts
Artist: Geoff Moore
Album: Unknown
Song lyrics and chords

C               Em7
How do you explain, how do you describe
A love that goes from east to west
D       Dsus          G   Gsus G
And runs as deep as it is wide
C                  Em7
You know all our hopes, You know all our fears
C                   D
Words cannot express the love we feel
Dsus            G   Gsus G
But we long for you to hear

C                        Em7
So listen to our hearts, hear our spirits sing
C    D
A song of praise that flows
Dsus             G     Gsus G
From those you have redeemed
We will use the words we know
D        Dsus    G       F#/D    Em
To tell you what an awesome God You are
C                         D
Words are not enough to tell You of our love
Dsus          G     Gsus G
So listen to our hearts

C               Em7
If words could fall like rain.
From these lips of mine
D       Dsus          G   Gsus G
And if I had a thousand years
C                   Em7
I would still run out of time
C                   D
But if you listen to my heart
Dsus            G   Gsus G
Every beat would say
C                   D
Thank you for the life, thank you for the truth
Dsus            G   Gsus G
Thank you for the way

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