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Purify My Heart lyrics and chords Artist Jeff Nelson

By jobon | June 15, 2011

Song title: Purify My Heart
Artist: Jeff Nelson
Album: Unknown
Song lyrics and chords

D      A/C      Bm     D/F#
Purify  my  heart
G           D/F#          GMaj7   A7/G
Touch me with your cleansing fire
Em7    A/C#    Bm     D/A
Take me to the cross
G         D/F#     G      Asus   a
Holiness is   my de     si     re
D            A/C#    G/B
Breathe your life in me
G        D/F#      Em7             Asus   A
Kindle a love that flows from your throne
D/F#  G        A    F# G
Oh,   purify   my heart
Em7    Asus A       D
Purify         my   heart

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