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Waterfall Lyrics and Chords artist Reuben Morgan

By zivzeki | April 10, 2013

Song Title: Waterfall
Artist: Reuben Morgan
Song Lyrics and Chords


G 3×0033
Em7 022033
Dsus xx0233
C2 x32033

Verse 1:

G Dsus
Here I am dieing to say
Em7 C2
I am desperate for your touch
G Dsus Em7 C2
I fall upon this desert ground and I am empty at your feet
Em7 G C2
Will you break me now
Em7 G C2
Will you take me in your grace


Take me deeper in love
Dsus Em7
Take me deeper with you
C2 G
Where the streams of your mercy run
Feel your waves over me
Feel your power over me
In the roar of your waterfall

Verse 2:

(same as verse 1)
Wash away the hidden stains
Of my falleness I pray
I’ll tell the world
Of all you’ve done
Of your saving power in me
Saturate me now
Ever leave me in your grace

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